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Hi. If you’re here, you know me. I’m Dax. By trade, I’m a screenwriter. I’m published in various mediums on top of screenwriting, however: interviews, blogs and philosophical magazine op-eds, to name a few. This is my personal blog. I come here to expand upon the philosophies that define my outlook on the world and within. This is where you get to know me from the inside out and hopefully where what I write touches you and makes you think. I also write about the process of writing, and sometimes touch on show biz in general. I do this in another blog, “Live Playspace,” also on WordPress. There, all of the philosophic influences I write about here bleed into my screenwriting. Please stop by there for news of what I’m writing and the process that I use to create universes that captivate your imagination. Thanks for stopping in! Dax

Where the Personal Meets the Professional

If you’re in here, you’re in my personal blog.  It’s where I direct all of my friends who like to share in my philosophical musings:  The things that make Dax . . . well . . . Dax. Much that … Continue reading

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Orlando Bloom’s Poem & Dialogue with Dr. Ikeda

Jan 22, ’09 4:55 PM SGI President Ikeda’s Dialogue with Actor Orlando Bloom. “Welcome, youthful prince of the arts!”—with those warm words, SGI President Ikeda greeted the actor Orlando Bloom and friends at the Nagano Training Center in Nagano Prefecture, … Continue reading

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Life… Paint Big!

I thought I knew Georgia O’Keeffe.  C’mon– big, interesting and sexually suggestive flowers, right? My idea of who this ground-breaking artist was came from a story told in my writing class about her fleeing her art studio shed, where she … Continue reading

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If Joy is the Answer, What’s the Question?

I am a Nichiren Buddhist who happens to be a screenwriter.  Some time ago  I decided to get my nose pierced and become a Buddhist – a person who studies their own life interacting with the environment, and finding  enlightenment … Continue reading

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