Where the Personal Meets the Professional

If you’re in here, you’re in my personal blog.  It’s where I direct all of my friends who like to share in my philosophical musings:  The things that make Dax . . . well . . . Dax.

Much that I publish in this blog ends up “cross-posted” in other publications, both print and online.  And, some of them are just between you and I.  Either way, this is my happy place, where I come to grow and hope that in sharing  with you, it fosters a philosophic synergy within you as well.

I welcome a robust discussion of all things I write about, as I believe that it is through dialogue we arrive at a shared humanity.  This is the beauty that is the continuum of knowledge.

I am also a screenwriter, by trade.  There is a chance that you were directed here as a producer or other member of the film community.  I have a blog that is more specific to my work in the film industry, called “Live Playscape,” where I discuss projects I have written; where I skirt around the details of projects I’m currently writing; and where I discuss the very process of writing.

If you’re “here” because you’re on your way “there,” then it is because I wanted you to get to know the tick behind the tac about what makes me me and gives my writing the soul I hope it is known for.

Thank you for being here, however you came, or wherever you go next!



About noirebynature

Hi. If you’re here, you know me. I’m Dax. By trade, I’m a screenwriter. I’m published in various mediums on top of screenwriting, however: interviews, blogs and philosophical magazine op-eds, to name a few. This is my personal blog. I come here to expand upon the philosophies that define my outlook on the world and within. This is where you get to know me from the inside out and hopefully where what I write touches you and makes you think. I also write about the process of writing, and sometimes touch on show biz in general. I do this in another blog, “Live Playspace,” also on WordPress. There, all of the philosophic influences I write about here bleed into my screenwriting. Please stop by there for news of what I’m writing and the process that I use to create universes that captivate your imagination. Thanks for stopping in! Dax
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One Response to Where the Personal Meets the Professional

  1. Steven says:

    I love the concept of separating your blogging into two different subtexts, and was happy to have been able to lend a hand in the campaign, so to speak. Both of your blogs are equally engaging, and inspire me to dig into the depths of my fleeting time to publish similarly. My hero, finger-type to your destiny 🙂

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